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Our Location:  Breuer Consulting Group’s office is in a San Francisco neighborhood called Dogpatch.  (In the 19th century, there were packs of dogs that used to scavenge discarded meat parts from Butchertown –a slaughterhouse district located in nearby Bayview.)  Roughly half industrial and half residential, Dogpatch was initially a gritty working-class neighborhood.  It began to shed its roots during the dot-com era in the 1990s, when its demographics began to change. The transformation of Mission Bay (directly north of Dogpatch) into a biotechnology and healthcare hub further contributed to rapid transformation since the 1990s.  Adjacent to the waterfront of the San Francisco Bay, today it is a mix of housing, some remaining heavy industry, more recent light industry, and a new but growing arts district.  (The new Museum of Craft and Design across the street opened recently.)

dogpatch historic imageWe think Dogpatch is emblematic of great urban spaces.   It’s diverse, vital, and has a very bright future … not to mention some of the sunniest weather in San Francisco and excellent public transit. New restaurants pop up monthly;  most are quite good.  In short, Dogpatch is a great context for any business open to new influences while trying to innovate and push envelopes.  We like what it says about us!



Principal Mary Breuer and her capable assistant, Carney, in the Breuer Consulting Group studio.

Our Content:  As search consultants to  design firms working in the built environment, Breuer Consulting Group has had the privilege of working with a wide variety of prestigious firms throughout the country.  Mary Breuer has worked inside two industry leaders … EDAW and HOK … and additionally co-hosts an annual Design Colloquium with Cameron MacAllister Group for leaders of some of the most innovative practices in the country today.  While our focus remains on executive search — connecting our clients with the leaders they need to grow and change – we have be able to observe the  problems, events, challenges, opportunities, drama and roadblocks that all firms encounter.  This blog is our reflection on some of what we have seen over the years … and puts some newer ideas out there as food for thought.

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